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Footings (steps)
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Pictures are HERE!

Four keys to a good footing:

 1. Location - You want to place the footing either square with the house or square with the street if the house is at the end of a culd-a-sac. Keep in mind it shouldn't be too close to the driveway where it could be hit. Twelve to eighteen inches should be plenty.

2. Depth - You want to make sure you go below the frost line. The base is 5 - 6 inches deep while the post hole should go down at least 22-24 inches. I like to include 2-4 pieces of rebar for strength.

footing step 1.JPG (291320 bytes)    step 2.JPG (281853 bytes)    step 3.JPG (299758 bytes)    

3. Mixing - You want to be sure to properly mix the concrete product that's being used.

mixing.JPG (145571 bytes)

4. Level - Make sure the footing is level. It doesn't have to be level with the grass/yard as you don't want to see a lot of exposed concrete.

final product.JPG (294716 bytes)



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